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I practice criminal defense, criminal record expungement and sealings, traffic ticket defense (protecting your driver's license from suspensions and revocations), and personal injuries sustained in a car accident in the state of Florida only. I have been practicing law in Central Florida since 1995.

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I have been serving the greater Orlando area since 1995. First as a prosecutor and then as a private attorney.

Since 2002 I have assisted people who have been charged with criminal offenses, traffic tickets, and has helped people expunge criminal records.

Today I focus my practice on criminal traffic matters, civil traffic accident claims, civil infractions, and sealing or expunging criminal arrest records (expungements).

Providing experienced legal representation in Orlando, Sanford, Kissimmee, Tavares, Deland, Daytona Beach, Titusville, and Viera (and will consider cases throughout the state of Florida).

The Two Parts To A Criminal Case

1. The Criminal Case

The criminal case begins upon arrest/notice-to-appear and ends with the final disposition/verdict of the case. It is very important, especially if this is your first offense, that your case is handled properly so that when it is finished the record can be expunged or sealed.

A criminal record that is not expunged or sealed will be there forever and will harm future employment opportunities as well as cause embarrassment.

2. The Expungement Case

Once a criminal case has reached the final disposition you should be prepared to expunge or seal the criminal record that exists. Many people think if the case is dismissed that there is no record. This is incorrect. You must already be looking to expunge or seal the record as soon as the case has been resolved.

In order for you to be prepared to do this you must have resolved your criminal case in a manner that allows the court to consider either expunging it or sealing it. This means that you must qualify and for that your best decision starts when you first hire a lawyer to represent you.

Helpful Areas Of Assistance

- Seeing If You Qualify For An Expunged Criminal Record

- Guiding First Time Offenders Through The Justice System

- Helping Juvenile Offenders

- Dealing with Pre-Trial Diversion Cases

- Making Criminal Records Non-Public: Expungements

- Negotiating With State Attorney's Office

- Traffic Tickets: Making sure you keep your license.

- Helping people get their license back from a suspension

- Getting people the compensation they deserve after a traffic accident.

- Notary Services and Public Record Retrieval Services.

Issues Specific To Florida/Orlando Area

MARIJUANA (Cannabis) is still illegal. These can be addressed simply and not leave a scar on your criminal record.

Fleeing And Eluding Police is serious. What you may think as simply speeding can result in a 2nd degree felony charge. You don't want that.

Domestic Violence Arrests are serious and need to be addressed immediately for the best outcome. If no one wants to prosecute their husband, wife, or significant other - call us immediately.

Theft Crimes, stealing and shoplifting, can have serious consequences on your future. Dan't let a stupid mistake haunt you forever.

Suspended Driver's Licenses are devastating and can be fixed in many instances. Never drive with a suspended license. Florida and the Orlando area specifically take this offense seriously. Often times we can have your license returned to being a fully valid driver's license.

Helping You Get Back To Your Life

We represent those who have been charged with most criminal misdemeanors and/or felonies. We also represent both criminal traffic offenses and civil traffic offenses (tickets). Representing people seeking to expunge or seal their criminal records is also very satisfying for us. Whether it is a felony charge or misdemeanor charge, we can help. If you have a question, call us.

We provide professional service and strict confidentiality for all clients. We explain your situation to you as it is viewed legally, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the criminal justice process with up front and honest assessments each step along the way.

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