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County Criminal Diversion Programs

The Benefits of Having Your Criminal Case Deferred

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Last Updated: April 11, 2014

The Benefits of Successful Completion of Diversion

Before I can tell you the benefits of successfully completing a diversion program or deferred prosection I have to explain what it is. Diversion programs are a pre-trial option offered by the Office of the State Attorney that allows a person charged with a crime to accept a plan that, if completed successfully, will result in the State Attorney dropping the charges. The plan is a contract or agreement that states that if the person agrees to the contract and fulfills the requirements of the contract the State Attorney agrees to drop the case. The details of the plans I explain further for each listed county below.

The big benefit is obvious - your criminal charges are dropped. There are some other benefits. The first is that you have control of your destiny. You may not realize it but this is the only time that the State Attorney will give a defendant the chance to have total control of the outcome of his or her case. The other benefit is that if you successfully complete pretrial diversion (or deferred prosecution) you are most likely eligible to have that arrest history expunged.

Qualifying for a Diversion or Deferred Prosecution Program

There are twenty circuits in the State of Florida and each one has an Office of the State Attorney. Some circuits comprise a single county while others comprise several counties. Each Office of the State Attorney develops their own diversion or deferred prosecution program. Each program has their own unique requirements for qualification. Generally, the following is necessary to have a chance of being offered diversion:

  • You must not have been previously convicted of a crime.
  • The offense that you are charged with must be one the State Attorney accepts into diversion.
  • The victim of the offense must be okay with the prosecutor offering you a chance for diversion.

That's a general list. For more specific details please review the county details below.

List of Counties with Diversion Programs

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