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Florida Juvenile Court Cases

The juvenile court system is set up to deal with the least and most violent juveniles out there. The usual violent juvenile offenders are juvenile drug dealers, gang members, and violent juvenile offenders. The rest are children who shoplifted, trespassed, or possessed drugs.

Getting Your Son or Daughter Out of the Juvenile Detention Center

The Juvenile Detention Center [JDC] may be where your son or daughter is kept after his or her arrest. There are two reasons for this. First, the nature of the offense may require that he or she see a judge regarding pre-hearing release. The other possibility is that a parent or guardian was not able to arrive at the Juvenile Assessment Center [JAC] before the child was sent to JDC.

If your son or daughter is sent to the JDC you need to contact the JAC to obtain court times for the following day. At the hearing your son or daughter will be released unless prevented by the Risk Assessment scoresheet.

Defending Your Child in Juvenile Court

Most defense attorneys that practice criminal law do so in adult court. Juvenile court is a completely different system. The Juvenile Justice System moves at a different pace and has different requirements. Many "penalties" can be minimized by proactive responses by the family. If necessary the child can elect to have a hearing (trial). There is no jury in juvenile court and all cases are heard by a Circuit Court Judge including misdemeanors.

The Criminal Mark on the Child's Record

Juvenile cases need to be taken seriously because a mark on your child's record in juvenile court will follow your child for life. It is a false belief that juvenile records are confidential. We may not be able to access these records through the courthouse but private "background check" companies seem to get this information all the time. Don't let an accusation tattoo your child. Let us defend your child from the zero tolerance practices of our society and keep your child's future bright.

Juvenile Justice Facilities in Central Florida

Juvenile Justice Secure Detention Facilities
Orange Regional Juvenile Detention Center
2800 S. Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806
152 Beds
Seminole Regional Juvenile Detention Center
200 Bush Blvd.
Sanford, FL 32773
39 Beds
Brevard Regional Juvenile Detention Center
5225 DeWitt Avenue
Cocoa, FL 32927
52 Beds
Juvenile Justice Home Detention Offices
Orange Home Detention
2800 S. Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806
250 slots
Brevard Home Detention
5225 DeWitt Avenue
Cocoa, FL 32927
50 slots

Recent Juvenile Case Law
Trespass on School Property - DJ v. State, 36 Fla. L. Weekly S363
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