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Florida Drug Charges And Defenses

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Last Updated: May 27, 2016

Florida Drug Statutes And Jury Instructions

The statutes are created by the legislature and passed into law by the governor. The statutes are the laws we are on notice of and must obey.

Florida's Drug Statute

Florida Drug Trafficking Statute

The jury instructions are created by lawyers and passed by the Florida Supreme Court. The jury instructions are what is read to the jury to explain the law and help them decide the case.

Florida Jury Instructions - Drug Offenses

For many offenses it is enlightening to compare the differences between what the law states and what the jury instructions defines.

Drug Schedules

Drug schedules are listed drugs divided into catagories indicating addictiveness and whether they are currently in medical use. The Florida statutes refer to the drug schedules to specify the types of drugs rather than naming the drug.

Florida Drug Schedules

Florida Drug Crime Case Law

Case law are court decisions that are written by higher courts to resolve legal issues brought to them by plaintiffs or defendants from lower courts. The decisions are written and interpret the legal issues raised. Courts can refer to these decisions to assist making decisions on future similar issues raised.

Florida Drug Offense Case Law - Updated

Collateral Consequences With Drug Offenses

Crimes That Require A Driver's License Suspenson

Information On Specific Drugs In Florida


Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Florida Marijuana Penalties


Cocaine In Florida


Additional Information Regarding Florida Drug Offenses

Controlled Substance Penalties

Drug Trafficking

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