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Last Updated: August 21, 2016

What Does It Mean To Have A Record Expunged or Sealed

When you have your criminal record expunged or sealed several things happen:

  • Your information is no longer available to the public by the government (it's not a public record).
  • It will no longer be sold to private companies by the government.
  • You will not have to worry that a friend or family member will find it on the Clerk's website.
  • You will be able to legally deny that the arrest even occurred in most situations (there are only a few exceptions).

Expunged and Sealed Records are NO LONGER Public Records

Under Florida law, a record that has been sealed or expunged is no longer a public record and disemination of such a record by a government agency is a misdemeanor offense. This helps when:

  • Looking for a job.

  • Applying for an apartment.

  • Getting most professional licenses.

  • Wanting to hide an embarrassing past mistake.

The Difference Between Sealing and Expunging a Record

There are differences between sealing and expunging a record. Regardless of what you qualify for, once you have your criminal record sealed or expunged we give you some ideas on what to do after your criminal record is sealed or expunged so that you can take full advantage of the law.

Why You Should Have A Lawyer Handle Your Expungement or Sealing

The main reasons to have an experienced expungement lawyer handle your case are:

  • Determine if you qualify before begining the process.
  • Eliminate mistakes that can cost you time.
  • Knows the law to counter any objections by the prosecuter's office.
  • Knows the court procedure so you don't have to learn it.

You can find out more about hiring or not hiring a lawyer on my Do You Need A Lawyer page.

Why You Should Not Wait To Expunge Or Seal Your Criminal Record

The law that is in effect at the time you petition the court to expunge or seal your record is the law that controls. This concerns you in these ways:

  • Your charge may be eligible now to be expunged or sealed but the law may change in the future prohibiting it.
  • New laws can make the process harder and more expensive in the future.
  • Recent proposed changes would eliminate certain cases from being expunged or sealed that today are allowed to be.
  • Currently, it takes 6-9 months from start to finish - the earlier you start the quicker it will be done.

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