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How Much Does An Expungement Cost In Florida

Legal Fees and Costs; Expunge Seal

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Last Updated: August 21, 2016

I have been working with sealing and expunging criminal records since 1997. I keep all our costs to a minimum to provide the best service at the lowest price. I provide a service that, except for some initial paperwork, is completely handled by my office. This gives you the freedom to go on with your life knowing that your arrest record is being sealed or expunged properly.

Pre-Qualification Before You Pay Anything

Before we ask you for a legal fee we want to make sure you qualify to have your record sealed or expunged. By qualifying we mean that the information we get from you and other sources meets the requirements to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.

You can find out if you qualify on our Do You Qualify page. It is to your benefit to know whether you qualify before you spend time and money on this. This is ultimately your responsibility since this involves your record. We make no guarantees that information we gather from any source is true and accurate.

How Much Is The Legal Fee To Expunge Criminal Record

Contact us for our current legal fee to seal or expunge your criminal record. We have payment plans and because the process takes between 6-9 months on average we can spread payments over that time frame.

The Initial Fee To Start

The initial fee is up to you. The total cost to you at the end of the 6 to 8 months it takes to complete is between $950 and $1,050. The only thing not included in that amount is travel costs should the court require a hearing (these are set and you can ask what the fee would be in advance). The minimum we ask down is $350. We typically spread the payments out at 60 day intervals.

Is An Expungement Worth The Cost

Everyone who seeks an expungement usually asks themselves is it worth it. To determine if the expungement cost is worth it you have to consider what the benefits are after you have a criminal record expunged or sealed. I explain what should be considered on my The Benefits of Expunging Your Record page but you should remember that the cost to expunge or seal your record is a one time event. The benefits last forever.

How Much Are The Costs

F.D.L.E. Fee

There are a few costs that you will be responsible for as the process unfolds. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement requires a $75 processing fee when we submit the paperwork for your certificate of eligibility. This must be in the form of a money order made out to F.D.L.E. for $75. We will let you know when this is due or you can pay it in advance.

Notarization Costs and Fingerprint Costs

One of the first things that you will receive once you have hired us is a seal or expunge packet. This includes the three documents you need to have notarized and a fingerprint card that you must take to a law enforcement agency and have your fingerprints taken. You must pay for the notarization and fingerprint costs. If you are local we can do the notarizations for you for free.

Court Costs

Court costs are typically paid upon filing the petition or after the court has granted your criminal record expungement or sealing. This typically costs between $60-$100. If you still owe money in the underlying case (court costs, restitution, fines) these will have to be paid before the court will grant the petition. The court costs may be higher if the case involved co-defendants.

Travel Expenses

If a hearing is required there is a cost for travel depending on how far the travel will be. Our main office is in Orlando, a fairly centralized location for Florida, so we can usually keep travel costs down. Don't forget, often times the court does not require a hearing. No hearing, no costs.

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