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Prohibited Offenses

Charges That Are Prohibited From Sealing Despite Having The Adjudication Withheld

Last Updated: June 7, 2014

I use to keep a list here that I would pull from the statutes. However, since FDLE has now decided to put this online I feel it would be better for me just to link to it.



Don't be confused by FDLE's website - any offense can be expunged if the case was dropped/dismissed and you otherwise qualify.

Think of it in these terms:

  • If your case was not dropped you may be able to seal it. Click on the link above to make sure it is not a prohibited offense. If it is on that list it cannot be sealed.
  • If your case was dropped (dismissed) then forget the link above - the only thing that we have to check is if you have ever been convicted of another offense.

Remember, Even a Murder Charge Is Eligible To Be Expunged If The Case Was Dropped

I cannot emphasis this any more. Cases prohibited from being sealed are only prohibited because there was a finding of guilt in the case. If the case was dropped/dismissed then there was no finding of guilt and you would be seeking an expungement, not a sealing. The FDLE website draws directly from the statute and the statute is very poorly written.

For more information on expungements you can read my Eric J Dirga, PA blog.

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