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Last Updated: April 20, 2015

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I have been a lawyer for since 1995 and a notary since 1999. Notarizations involve more than simply stamping a document. For archival purposes and for accuracy the notarization has to conform to the type necessary and be witnessed/documented. For most notarizations this may be overkill but for Wills and similar documents this can be very important. Regardless, we do this for all documents.

Notary Services

Have your document notarized properly. We have two notaries ready to take your walk-in needs. We know the difference between an acknowledgement, a jurat, a certified copy so when we notarize your document you will know it has been done right.

Section 117.107(12), Florida Statutes - A notary public who is an attorney does not have a financial interest in and is not a party to the underlying transaction evidenced by a notarized document if he or she notarizes a signature on that document for a client for whom he or she serves as an attorney of record and he or she has no interest in the document other than the fee paid to him or her for legal services and the fee authorized by law for services as a notary public.

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Business Hours

We offer a walk-in service Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm. Please call (407-841-5555) to ensure our availibility and allow us to get ready so you are not delayed. Fee $10 per notarization.

After hours and weekends are by appointment.

Certified Public Records; Court Records - Retrieval Services

Specializing In Circuit Court Records; Criminal and Civil

You need certified copies of public records from Orange, Osceola, or Seminole County*, Florida. Contact us for fast overnight service. You could send a letter to the Clerk of Court requesting the documents along with a check for an indeterminent amount of money and hope it is enough and the documents come when you still need them. The problems are that you don't know the exact cost, don't know if you will receive the correct documents, or when you will receive your documents.

*We can do other counties. Call Us Now at 407-841-5555. OR email us for more information.

We Solve All The Problems With Official Record Retrieval

There are many reasons you may need to get a copy of a public record which include defenses in criminal cases, immigration and naturalization issues, civil cases, job possibilities, loan applications, etc. Whatever your reason, it is not our business. We obtain the record, have it certified, and overnight it to your location. Get the documents you need when you need it without worrying if you have sent the right amount of money or wondering when the agency will return your request.

Contact Us For Our Service Fees

The question you have to ask is do you need the documents now or can you wait for the office where the records are kept to send them when they get to it? We offer fast convenient service and you get your documents when they are needed without worry.