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Early Termination of Probation in Central Florida

Convenient Process For Terminating Your Probation Early

Information from Eric J. Dirga, P.A., providing Central Florida representation.

Last Updated: September 11, 2015

I have represented many people in the early termination of probation and community control. Probation and community control are both forms of supervision. When placed on probation the judge will state the special conditions you must follow. Violate those conditions and you can find yourself back in jail. This is why you should terminate your probation as soon as possible.

Probation and Community Control

You already know what a burden it is to be on probation or community control in Florida. The best way to get out from under that rock is to early terminate your probation as soon as possible. The great thing about probation is that it can be modified by the Court at any time. For early termination most Courts will require that you complete half your time. Below I have spelled out the steps for you to follow to get this done. Give me a call (407-841-5555) when you are ready.

Early Termination of Community Control

Community control is rarely terminated completely. Usually it is converted to regular probation for the remainder of the time you were ordered to serve. The good thing - regular probation is a lot better than community control.

STEP 1: Comply With All Conditions of Probation / Community Control

The first thing you must do is complete all the special conditions of probation? Your probation officer may suggest early terminating probation once you have completed all of these and paid all your court costs so long as you have not been previously violated.

STEP 2: Make it to the Mid-Way Point of Your Probationary Term

Most judges will not early terminate your probation before the halfway point. This is not a rule or law, it just happens to be common practice. We can, if you wish, motion the court for early termination before the half-way point but we don't suggest it.

STEP 3: Early Terminate Probation As Soon As Possible

As soon as all special conditions of probation or community control have been completed and half the term is done you should immediately move the court to terminate your probation or community control. Why?

  • Remove the probationer from any future sanctions which can include prison.
  • Stop the outflow of money and expenses associated with probation.
  • Remove all restrictions on movement and travel.
  • Remove barriers to employment.

Remaining on probation or community control runs the risk of you violating your probation for a technical violation (a violation other than a new law offense). This can be something trivial and defendable but a violation will put you in jail without a bond (for felonies) while you wait for your hearing.

Alternatives To Termination

When we file a motion for early termination we include alternative modifications that may be available. We always ask for administrative probation as an alternative. Administrative probation is, in layman's terms, non-reporting probation. However, administrative probation can only be instituted after half the term of probation is completed.

Other alternatives may be to allow travel out-of-county without having to get permission each time from your probation officer. Others include such things as removal of a curfew, ending counseling, - all depending on the specifics of your case. The idea is to be sure to get something from the effort.

Cost and Things to Consider

Terminating probation will never rank high on the priority list of the Court. So count into this process a month to get the hearing date. From that point look at how much more time on probation you have to do. Is it going to be worth the money to spend on an attorney to get this done?

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