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Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Being in a vehicular accident always requires the drivers to attempt some form of notification to the owner of the property that has been damaged. This includes single car accidents. Section 316.061 of the Florida Statutes requires that a person involved in an accident causing property damage to a vehicle or other property attended by another person must remain at the scene until he or she has given to the other person all the information required by law. If there are injuries the penalties for failing to remain at the scene of the accident increase.

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Accidents Involving Death or Injuries

Section 316.027 of the Florida Statutes provides for the penalties for failing to remain at the scene of an accident that has resulted in the death of a person or injuries to a person. The main difference between an injury accident and a property damage accident is that the penalty jumps from a misdemeanor (definition) to a First Degree Felony (definition). The injuries can be slight and for this reason it is advisable to always remain at the scene until law enforcement have arrived.

Accidents Involving Property Damage But No Owner Present

When there is an accident that results in property damage to an unattended vehicle or other unattended property, the driver has a duty to leave notice at the scene. This includes specific information to be left securely at the scene and the requirement to immediately contact law enforcement. Often times people are afraid, don't want to be required to pay restitution and they decide to leave. These cases are often times defensible due to identification issues.

Automobile Insurance Requirements

Not having insurance is not a crime; it is a traffic infraction. However, without insurance a driver does not have a valid license and, in fact, the drivers license is automatically suspended. Driving with a suspended license is a crime.

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