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Do You Need A Traffic Lawyer To Help You

A Suspended License Is A Serious Matter

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Last Updated: June 2, 2016

As a traffic lawyer I have many years of experience in traffic court dealing with suspended driver's license issues. I can help more often than not. The longer a person tries to fix their situation the deeper and harder it becomes to get them out of their situation and with a valid license. Before you try to do it alone you should contact a local traffic attorney.

Why You Need A Traffic Attorney

You need a traffic attorney for any suspension related offense to include simple traffic tickets. The reason is that Florida Law will punish you for not handling these offenses correctly. The law is confusing for someone who is not a lawyer and not practicing this everyday. Here are some other reasons why a lawyer is helpful:

A Traffic Attorney can look at your situation and explain what you are facing.

A Traffic Attorney knows the defenses to suspension related crimes.

Want your Drivers License back? A traffic lawyer may be able to get it back for you.

Defenses to Suspended License Crimes

Lawyers are trained in the law and practicing attorneys constantly keep up with new developments in the law (see Suspended License Case Law). Additionally, we know how to present new developments to the court for consideration. If there is a defense that applies to your situation don't risk attempting to do it on your own. You typically have one chance in criminal court where the burden is in your favor and that's in the trial court.

A Lawyer is Trained in the Law, the Court, and the People

A lawyer also has the added advantage of knowing the law, the court, and the people that work there. This includes the judges, prosecutors, the clerks, and the police. The law is complex. There are court rules that also apply and there can be local rules too. The old addage it's not what you know but who you know also applies here too. Knowing how a judge addresses these issues or how a prosecutor treats this offense are guideposts on how to best handle the case. These are advantages that you should not go without.

Not All Lawyers Are As Expensive As You May Think

The cost of hiring an attorney may not be as expensive as you may think. What is the cost of having no license and each day trying to avoid getting caught driving? Whether you just have a suspended license or you have been caught we will always try to get your driver's license back - made valid again. You can contact me on my Contact page.

Continuing Relationship With Your Traffic Lawyer

Once your situation has been resolved you can continue to contact our office with questions or concerns about your driving status. Maintaining your privilege to drive is far better than trying to fix it - and easier. Fortunately, we provide you with the correct answers so no more relying on the guesses from employees at the DMV or the Clerk's Office.

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