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How Can You Fight A Red Light Camera Ticket

The Red Light Camera Debacle

Information provided by Eric J. Dirga, P.A., Orlando - Statewide Service

Last Updated: January 16, 2017

I strongly suggest you contact a lawyer upon receiving the Notice of Violation before attempting to represent yourself at these hearings.

First - What Not To Do

The amendments to the law that took place in 2013 will allow you to challenge the Notice of Violation [NOV]. This is not the same as challenging the ticket. The challenge is held in a mock court created by the municipality that issued you the NOV. You will not get a fair hearing on this challenge and they can add up to $250 to the fine on top of the $158 Notice amount. I do not represent people in these mock-courts because the rules of evidence do not apply.

The Notice Of Violation is not a ticket

The first thing you will receive when you are considered to have violated the Red Light Camera statute is a letter in the mail with a NOV. Look carefully at this - it will say Notice of Violation at the very top. This is not a ticket. It will inform you that you have violated the law by running a red light and give you a link to view the pictures AND THE VIDEO. It will ask you to pay $158 and give you 60-days to do that.

Always Look At The Evidence

The NOV will have a pin number, file number, and a link to view the evidence against you. This includes two photos and one video. Always look at these before the NOV expires.

If You Pay The $158 It All Goes Away

If you pay the $158 before the due date the entire event is gone (along with your money). It does not appear on your driving record and will not affect your insurance. It is if you had never ran the red light.

If you do not pay the $158 It Can Follow You Forever

Once the Notice of Violation goes past due you can no longer pay the $158 amount. The issuing municipalty will now issue you a TICKET. This will be sent to you via certified mail. If you get notice that you have a certified letter waiting for you at the post office you are now considered to have received it. Do not avoid picking up the letter. In it will be a Traffic Ticket. The fine amount for the ticket is $262. You now have thirty days to either pay it or elect to have a hearing. These tickets DO NOT HAVE POINTS.

Elect To Have a Hearing

If you want a hearing make sure to view the pictures and the video before going to court. In Orange County most hearing officers will reduce the fine amount down to $158 if you enter a plea of guilty or no contest without having a hearing. If you have a hearing and are found guilty the fine amount will remain $262. If you are found guilty at this stage the ticket will be noted on your driving record.

Some things to think about from my experience watching pro se people try and defend themselves:

  • It rarely ever results in a dismissal.
  • The hearing officer usually shuts down irrelevant arguments without an explanation (not that one is required).
  • Most people leave feeling very frustrated.

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Red Light Camera Tickets Carry No Points

Red Light Camera Tickets do not have points even if you are found guilty. However, it is unclear how insurance companies will react to this violation on your driving record.

Should You Hire A Lawyer

Currently, tickets issued by Apopka and Ocoee are still being routinely dismissed. These should be fought. I suggest that you call my office about 10-days before the Notice of Violation goes past due to make sure this is still the case.

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