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Last Updated: May 26, 2016

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Speeding Tickets Are The Most Common Ticket Issued

Speeding tickets are by far the most common traffic ticket issued in Central Florida. It is important to understand that any driving that is above the speed limit subjects you to being stopped.

Speeding Tickets Carry Points and High Fines

Speeding Tickets on Florida's Turnpike

When you receive a speeding ticket you need to take the correct steps to address it. Do not just pay your speeding ticket. That is how you will receive points. You need to make the proper election with the Clerk of Court to avoid points. Points lead to suspensions which lead to arrests.

Speeding Tickets and Points

The first thing is to make sure you do not receive points on your traffic ticket. In Florida, a speeding ticket is a minimum of 3-points and up to 4-points (See Traffic Ticket Points page). Points lead to higher insurance rates, suspensions, and sometimes jail. Avoid points by electing driving school or hiring us to go to court for you.

Speeding Tickets and High Fines

The highest fines are associated with speeding tickets. They range from $129 to $2,500 depending on how fast you were driving and your prior speeding ticket history. Hiring us may get the points removed, the speed reduced, and/or lowering the fine.

Fighting Speeding Tickets In Court

Interstate 4 Sign

In Orange (Orlando), Osceola (Kissimmee), and Seminole (Sanford) Counties we have the Florida Turnpike, Interstate 4, and the toll roads 408, 417, 429. Add to those all the long 6-lane roads such as State Roads 436, 50, and 434. These are heavily traveled and heavily patrolled by law enforcement. If you are caught speeding the officer giving you the ticket is probably experienced and well known to the Court. You need our office to represent you in these situations.

The statutes and case law relating to unlawful speed and the pertinent Administrative Code sections are required reading to defend speeding tickets. Knowledge of the Rules of Evidence is a must. We know the law, understand the procedure, and know the police and hearing officers that your speeding ticket will be in front of.

Our Traffic Ticket Lawyers

We take into account many things when representing you for your ticket. Foremost is to make sure the best possible result occurs that protects your present and future ability to drive. Some people think if they hire a ticket lawyer their ticket will be dismissed. This is not always true. Dismissals happen but they are not guaranteed.

Negotiating With Law Enforcement

This is something only a lawyer who practices daily in these courtrooms can do for you with the best effect. We know the police, the hearing officers/judges, and the law. Knowing all these variables allows us to seek the best obtainable result that has the least impact on your driving privilege. Remember, it does not pay to have a full hearing if you are going to lose the case. However, if your case is good there is no need to negotiate.

Avoiding Points on your Driving Record is Key

Avoiding points is the key to keeping insurance rates low and keeping your drivers license valid. Points can be used by insurance companies to raise your rates and too many points can lead to drivers license suspensions.

Speeding tickets are notorious for racking up points on your driving record. Rather than take that chance let me help you keep the points off your driving record. You don't have to do anything except hire me - I'll take care of the rest.

Contact My Office To Represent You For Your Speeding Ticket

All it takes is a call. Once hired I set the case for a hearing date. I go to the hearing date - you don't have to. This is also the case for mandatory hearings. If represented by a lawyer you can stay home.

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