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NOTE: Toll tickets usually end up costing a lot more than expected. This is true if you just pay the ticket. I suggest that you do not just pay the toll ticket without first giving me a call. I take toll tickets to court and fight to get them reduced, dropped, or dismissed. This will only work if in the end you still save money. I can explain how I can save you money when you call.

Law Allows You To Save Money On Toll Tickets

Have you ever seen the sign in front of toll booths that claim a $100 fine? Interestingly, when a citation is received the fine amount is uniformly over $200. There are ways to save money when you receive a toll ticket. That excess can be removed and sometimes even more but it is best to act within 30 days of receiving the toll ticket. One problem that often arises is that you do not know about the ticket until you receive notice of an impending license suspension.

How Camera Enforced Toll Booths Work

When you pass a camera enforced toll booth without paying a notice will be sent to the registered owner of the car. The address used will be the address on the car registration. If you move you must make sure that you change this address. The first notice will ask for the toll amount and a small administration fee. If not paid a second notice will be sent. This will ask for the toll amount and $25. Only if this amount is not paid will a ticket be issued. Remember, these notices go to the address on the vehicle registration. If it's wrong you will not get any of them.

Save Money and Save Your Drivers License

Florida toll violations are issued two different ways - either the police officer sees you run the toll booth or a camera takes a picture and the toll authority notifies you by letter (see above). Toll tickets usually come more than one to a pack. Each toll violation ticket can be over $200 at this point. Don't just pay the toll ticket because:

  • I can usually save you money.
  • I can usually prevent your drivers license from being suspended due to points.

If Your Drivers License Has Already Been Suspended, I Still May Be Able To Help

If your license was suspended due to toll violations call me immediately. Do not just pay them. Paying multiple toll violations is the sure way to lose money and possibly your drivers license. I can help get your driver's license back in most situations and negotiate your fines and possibly get some of your toll tickets dismissed.

Act Fast With Sun Pass Toll Violations

If you have received a letter about a toll ticket - act fast! The earlier you act, the better position we can be in to negotiate your toll violation fines. We may be able to negotiate a smaller fine, have some toll tickets dismissed, determine if you have any other pending toll violations, and keep the points off your drivers license.

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