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Florida Traffic Ticket Points And Consequences

How Many Points Is That Ticket

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Last Updated: November 5, 2015

If you just received a traffic ticket you need to know how many points it will put on your driving record if you make the foolish decision to just pay it. Below is a list of the most common traffic tickets issued in Florida with their points. Remember the maxim - you should never accept points on your driving record. Points raise insurance rates and can lead to more serious offenses.

Common Traffic Tickets And The Points They Carry

-Florida Traffic Ticket Points Schedule-
Statute Traffic Ticket Description Points
316.061(1) Leaving Scene of Accident more than $50 Damage (Criminal) 6
316.072(2) Failure to Obey Traffic Laws 3
316.074(1) Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device 4
316.074(1) Failure to Obey Red Light Signal 4
316.074(2) Avoiding Traffic Control Device 3
316.075(1)(a) Failure to Yield to Vehicle or Pedestrian at Signal 3
316.075(1)(c) Failed to Stop at Steady Red Signal Before Right Turn 4
316.076 Fail To Obey Flashing Control Signal 3
316.0875 Passing in No Passing Zone 3
316.088(2) Driving Wrong Direction on One-Way Street 3
316.089 Failure to Drive Within Single Lane 3
316.0895 Following Too Closely 3
316.1001(1) Failure to Pay Toll 3
316.121 Failure to Yield Approaching or Entering Intersection 3
316.123(2)(a) Ran Stop Sign 3
316.126(1)(b) Failure to Move Over/Slow Down for Emergency Vehicle/Wrecker 3
316.130 Failure to Yield to Pedestrian 3
316.1515 Illegal U-Turn 3
316.155 Improper or No Turn Signal 3
316.172(1)(a) Failure to Stop for School Bus 4
316.183(2) Unlawful Speed (less than 15mph over limit) 3
316.183(2) Unlawful Speed (15mph or more over limit) 4
316.183(6) Unlawful Speed in a Work Zone 3 or 4
316.187 Unlawful Speed (requires speed) 3 or 4
316.191(2)(a) Racing On Highway - Driving a Motor Vehicle 4
316.192 Reckless Driving (Criminal) 4
316.1925 Careless Driving 3
316.1936(2) Possession of Open Container in Vehicle (Driver Cited) 3
316.1985(1) Improper Backing 3
316.2085(3) Motorcycle - Tag Improperly Affixed ($1,000 fine) 3
316.217 Driving Without Headlights on When Required 3
316.238 Failure to Dim Headlights When Required 3
316.613 Failure to Use Child Restraint When Required 3
322.16(1)(a) Violation of Driver License Restriction 3
322.34(1) Unknowlingly Driving While Driver License Suspended 3

How Many Points To A Suspension

Florida suspends your driving privilege (your license) when you receive a specified amount of points over a specific period of time. The suspensions are as follows:

  • 12 points within 12 months = 30 day suspension
  • 18 points within 18 months = 90 day suspension
  • 24 points within 36 months = 365 day suspension
  • 45 points within 60 months = 5 year suspension

If your license is or will be suspended for points contact us. We may be able to remove the suspension and get you back your valid driver's license

Another sour consequence of a point suspension is the increased costs for automobile insurance. Those costs can be staggering.

Never Accept Points On Your Driving Record

When you receive a moving violation your are at risk of receiving points on your driving record. You can fight your ticket or elect traffic school to avoid points. If you just pay the fine you will receive points so never do that. For more information see our traffic ticket questions page or contact us.

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