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Home page for the law office of Eric J. Dirga, attorney at law and criminal defense lawyer in Orlando, Florida.

Attorney Profile
Webpage giving a brief description of attorney Eric J. Dirga.  His background, education, and legal career.

Contact Us
Webpage with information on how a prospective client can contact the law office of Eric J. Dirga.

Criminal Defense Links - Not Traffic Related

Criminal Defense
Initial webpage containing information about hiring attorney Eric J Dirga for representation in a criminal case.  Also contains links to additional, more specific, criminal areas.

Bond Hearings
You have a right to a reasonable bond when you are arrested for an alleged crime.  However, sometimes what is reasonable to the court is not reasonable to your situation.  Call for more information.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence charges are also heavily enforced in Florida.  The main reason is the Federal Money Grant started with the Safe Streets Act back in the 1990's.  Regardless, because this offense is also often times grossly heavy-handed it too needed a separate webpage.

Domestic Violence Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to your questions regarding domestic violence and the law.

Drug Offenses
Drugs are still around and law enforcement still enforces the laws regarding controlled substances.  A separate webpage was created.

Drug Crime Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to your questions regarding drug laws and arrests.

The Law of Possession
Possessing an illegal drug is a crime - but what exactly does it mean to possess a drug?  Answered here.

Drug Crime Penalties
Some crimes have statutory penalties, meaning if you are found guilty there is a minimum mandatory sentence.  Drug crimes are no exception to these penalties.

Violations of Probation
Probation is a common alternative to sentencing in Florida.  When placed on probation it is important to understand that a defendant is not being sentenced.  Understanding what probation really is necessitated a separate webpage.

Probation Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to your questions regarding probation in Florida.

Early Termination of Probation
Often times people can have their probation terminated early.  This is important because while on probation you are subject to random searches and violation and resentencing.

Criminal Appeals
Everyone found guilty has a Right to appeal.  There are some considerations involved in the appeal process, for instance, appealing after a plea - sometimes it makes sense so long as issues were preserved.  Call us for more information.

Criminal Traffic Defense Links

Criminal Traffic Offenses
Criminal traffic offenses are many in Florida.  It seems that every legislative session creates a new criminal prohibition regarding driving a motor vehicle.  The most common required that a separate webpage be written.

Suspended Drivers Licenses (Generally)
In Florida, driving while your drivers license is suspended is a common offense and is dealt with harshly by the court system and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  A separate page was developed to help individuals answer questions they may have regarding such an arrest.

Driving While License Suspended
More people are arrested each day in Florida for Driving While their License is Suspended than any other offense.  There are now two variations of this charge.  Driving While License Suspended with Knowledge is a criminal offense.  Driving While License Suspended without Knowledge is a civil traffic infraction - but beware! this ticket could lead you to a 5-year license suspension by labeling you as a Habitual Traffic Offender.

Habitual Traffic Offender
Once you have been classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender your driving privileges will be suspended for five years.  The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will notify you by United States Postal Service.  If you receive the letter you will have about two-weeks notice before your license is suspended.  The DMV sends it to your last listed address on your driver's license.

Racing on Highways
This criminal offense was recently created out of a civil citation back in 2002.  In response to an increase in reckless driving behavior of young car enthusiasts the State made "racing" a crime.  Unfortunately, our legislators passed a law so vague and ridiculous that litigation has ensued.  Currently, the law has been declared unconstitutional in one district and constitutional in another district with much in the way of mental gymnastics to come to said conclusion.  A separate page was a necessity.

Racing on Highway Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Questions regarding the crime of Racing on the Highway/Roadways.

Florida Racing on Highway Law
The complete statute with comments, proposed amendments, and emphasis of key provisions.

Drunk Driving (DUI)
Drunk driving is one of the most serious driving offenses and requires a focused webpage to assist possible clients grasp their own situation and decide whether to hire this law office.

DUI Evidence
What law enforcement looks for and what the State Attorney will try to prove.

DUI Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions regarding the crime of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Narcotics.

DUI Penalties
The minimum penalties required to be imposed if you are found guilty of DUI.

DUI Second Refusal Misdemeanor
It is now a misdemeanor crime to refuse to submit to a breath test after you have previously refused.

DUI Self Help
Things you can do to help yourself if you have been charged with drunk driving.

DUI and Dealing with the Administrative Suspension of your Drivers License
When you are arrested for DUI two things occur.  The first everyone knows - you've been arrested for DUI.  The second is not as well known - you license is immediately suspended by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  Dealing with this "administrative" suspension is key to any DUI case and important to the client.

Traffic Tickets Representation and Defense

Traffic Tickets
Common traffic tickets that are civil in nature and only penalize a person by a fine can be a spider web of issues if not handled properly.  We feel that preventative action at this level can keep our clients out of trouble in the future as unaddressed civil citations can quickly turn into criminal offenses.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL)
CDL licenses are much different than regular licenses.  They are no eligible for electing driving school.

Special laws govern motorcycles and some are downright onerous.

Toll Violations
Sneaky little rascals that cause more than just fines - they can cause you to lose your license.

Driving Schools
Some help finding and understanding driving schools throughout Florida.

Traffic Accidents
Understanding and defending tickets and related issues in traffic accident cases - including car accident injuries.

Traffic Ticket News of Note
Little bits of information about traffic tickets and the laws.

Criminal Records Expungements

Expungements and Sealings
Clear up a checkered past by expunging the arrest.  Some cases may qualify for Expungement and some may qualify for a Sealing.

Get Started Expunging Your Record
Submit your information today and we will get you started on clearing your record.

Expungement Frequently Asked Questions
Get the answers you need regarding the questions you have on expunging your arrest.

Expungement Fees
We explain our costs up front and we make sure you qualify before asking for a single dime.

Exceptions to the Denial Rule
After you have an arrest record expunged or sealed you can lawfully deny that the arrest ever occurred.  There are some exceptions and we list them here.

Out of State Expungements/Expunging Florida Records for People Living Elsewhere
We have helped hundreds of people who were arrested in Florida but live outside of Florida.  Most of the time the never have to return to have their arrest record expunged.

Correction of Records
Sometimes an expungement is not needed.  It is an error on the part of FDLE.  These errors can be handled without an attorney but if you do need one we are here to assist.

Administrative Expungements
You can only expunge a single arrest record under Florida Law unless you qualify for an administrative expungement.

Background Check
It is always good to know what other people are saying about you.  Learn what it is here.

Offenses that are Prohibited from being Sealed
This only applies to those offenses that do not qualify for an expungement.  Confused?  Call us for help.

Injunctions - Orders of Protection

There are several variations of injunctions, commonly known as restraining orders.  Therefore it is important to know what protection you are seeking and what injunction is being filed to defend you from it.

Information Links - Knowledge is Power

Information Links
Links to sites regularly used by this office and to attorney's websites in other states and commonwealths that may be of interest to the public.

Knowledge Links
Links to websites that provide information regarding our government and laws.

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