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Last Updated: May 24, 2016

Orlando DUI Defense and Legal Representation

If you are reading this page there is a good chance that you have been arrested for Drunk Driving. This page is designed to give you some understanding of the situation you are now in.

DUI Arrests Are Common So Relax, But...

DUI arrests are a common occurance. You are not the only person being charged and you won't be making any headlines. Judge's in Orlando, Sanford, and Kissimmee see so many DUI cases that, unless your's involved death or serious bodily injury, you will not be singled out and made an example. In fact, if this is your first DUI you can almost rest assured that you will initially be offered the minimum penalties to resolve your case. Simply put, the prosecutor will offer the minimum penalties required by the law.

DUI Penalties Are Mainly Monetary; However,...

The penalties for a simple DUI are mostly monetary. That doesn't mean it's a payment plan and you're done. The process requires classes, counseling, license suspensions, and more - all of which will cost you money. Moreover, the penalties required by statute cannot be ignored by the court and, whether pecuniary, disciplinary, or rehabilitative, if found guilty of DUI you are required to suffer a mandatory and uniform punishment.

One thing that has to be mentioned is the effect upon your driver's license. No one can survive without the ability to drive. DUI penalties focus directly and adversely on your driving privilege. You want to be able to protect that throughout the criminal justice process. If you fail at this you will have your license suspended which often leads to arrests for driving while license suspended.

Your Goal Is To Be Exonerated; Acquitted, or ...

Your goal should be to have the case dropped, dismissed, amended, or acquitted. You do not want to have a DUI on your record for the rest of your life if you can avoid it. This requires two things - an attorney that will go to trial and, most important, the facts (evidence) with which to defend you. One caveat: do not try to determine the "facts" on your own. That is my job - to look at, find, and explain to you. Everything is not always how it seems.

Understand that you have a 10-day period immediately following your arrest to react. This is spelled out on the DUI citation you should have received. You do not necessarily need to hire an attorney within that period but you must address your administrative suspension that started the moment you were arrested. There are things you can do to help your situtaion and you must act fast whether you hire an attorney or not.

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