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How We Try To Get Your Driver's License Back

Florida Traffic Rules; Amending The Penalty

Information provided by Eric J. Dirga, P.A., Orlando - Statewide Representation

There are various ways to reinstate a suspended drivers license and make it valid again before the end of the suspension period. In order to be able to tell you what can be done (or not done) there are a few things we will need to evaluate your situation.

First, stop driving with a suspended license. I know it is hard to survive without being able to drive but the problem with continued driving is that your current situation will be much worse if caught driving without a valid license. A new charge can throw everything we have done or will do out the window and put us both back to square one. This only exaserbates your problems.

Documents That Are Needed To See If We Can Help

In order to determine if I can help you I will need the following documents:

  • (1) The suspension letter you received (if you still have it);
  • (2) Copy of an official and complete driving record.

We understand that sometimes people misplace the suspension letter or don't ever receive one. We also know that you may no longer have a valid drivers license. Don't worry, the main document we need is your drivers license record. The best place to get your driving record is:

  • Directly from a local DMV Office.
  • Downloaded from the DMV's webiste.

This must be a FULL driving record - do not get only a 3 or 7-year record. Send a legible copy of it to us by fax or scanning (to PDF) and emailing it.

The DMV Website lists several options to obtain your driving record online. We suggest using this one.

The Suspension Letter

The Department will send out a letter titled Order indicating when your license was or will be suspended. The letter will indicate why the suspension is going into effect and when. If the letter indicates a 5-year suspension, it is due to the Habitual Traffic Offender law. A 5-year suspension usually occurs because several traffic ticket were recently paid. Upon receipt of any suspension letter you should seek professional advice.

The Driving Record

This is the most important document. It can be obtained at a local Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office [DMV]. It has to be a full complete history of your driving record. Do not obtain a 3-year or 7-year unless it covers your entire time driving.

Do not download a record from the DMV's website. It is not the same as the one you get at the DMV office. I need the one from the office.

Application of the Law and Rules

When you have these documents you can scan and email them to me or fax them. Upon receipt of the driving record and the Department letter (if available) a determination of what can be done to reinstate your driver's license will be made. Please remember to send your contact information.

The results will be conveyed to you along with a fair estimate of the legal fee. Factors that will be considered include the law, the procedural rules, local rules and practices, and experience. Once you receive this estimation it will be up to you on whether you would like this office to endeavour to get your license back.

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