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Florida Motorcycle Traffic Laws & Representation

Laws Specific To Motorcycles In Florida

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Last Updated: November 5, 2015

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Florida's Traffic Laws Specifically Directed At Motorcycles

Florida has several laws that are specific to motorcycles and their riders. These laws typically have very high fines. They include popping a wheelie, improperly secured or placed motorcycle tag, and excessive speeding.

Popping A Wheelie

Not keeping both wheels on the ground while driving a motorcycle is an infraction under s. 316.2085, FS. Under 316.1926 "Additional Offenses" it falls into the $1,000 fine category along with driving 50 mph over the speed limit.

Any lifting of the front wheel off the ground can subject a person to this citation. Alternatives include "careless driving" and "improper start". Both alternatives have lower fine amounts.

Hiring a traffic attorney is the best solution for this infraction.

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Motorcycle Tag/Plates

The Florida legislature has come around to the idea that a motorcycle tag on the side is okay and they have even ended the $1,000.00 fine for verticle tags. However, any obstruction covering the tag or a loose tag that becomes obstructed can receive the notorious $1G ticket. A spring mounted plate is also an infraction. Make sure your tag is secure and visible and readable by the toll cameras (and now red light cameras) and you should be fine.

If you are cited for this traffic ticket make sure to take a picture of your tag. Clearly picture the issue that caused the ticket to be issued. Then fix the plate/bracket and take photos showing that the issue is corrected. If you hire me I'll want these pictures for your defense.

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Speeding At 50mph Over the Limit

Speeding is always a temptation for motorcyclists. Advice: Don't do it. Speeds in excess of 29 mph over the speed limit requires a mandatory court appearance (unless you hire us to represent you) and speeds more than 49 mph over the limit mandate a $1,000 fine.

The possibility exists that the issuing law enforcement officer can amend the citation to a lower speed thus reducing the fine amount dramatically. Most judges and hearing officers will adjudicate (put points on driving record) for this infraction in just about all circumstances except dismissals. That high of a speed is just too fast.

Hiring a traffic attorney is the best solution for this infraction for two reasons. You won't have to appear in court and there are things that can be done to minimize the risk of a driver's license suspension.

The $1000.00 Ticket Club

Have you joined the $1,000.00 ticket club? If you receive the $1G ticket, contact us. We may be able to save you a lot of money on these tickets. We will try to get the officer to reduce the speed, amend the ticket, or drop the case altogether. Most police officers will work with us on these because they are people too and they realize that the fines are way out-of-line.

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