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Orlando Red Light Camera Traffic Tickets

Facts On Red Light Camera Ticket

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Last Updated: January 16, 2017

I only represent people cited for Red Light Camera Tickets in Orange County, Florida. My fee is $50 per ticket.

Your Options When You Are Targeted By Red Light Cameras

When The Camera Flash Goes Off

If you notice a flash as you pass through a red light camera intersection you need to do the following - note the date and time. If the municipality is going to cite your for running the light they will send you a notice within a week or two. Be looking for it in your mail.

When You Receive The Notice In The Mail

The first thing you should get is a Notice Of Violation in the regular mail. This is not a ticket. The Notice gives you the option to pay $158 and have no citation issued. This means - if you pay the $158 it all goes away. No ticket will appear on your driving record, no points, no schools. We strongly suggest that you take this option.

If you do not pay the $158 due on the Notice, after 60 days the municipality will issue you a citation. The citation is sent via certified mail. Do not ignore postal notices that there is something at the post office for you and, yes, this is the real ticket. The fine amount of the ticket is $262.

When You Receive The Ticket

If you have decided not to pay the $158 (or you never received the Notice) and you have received the ticket you have two options. You can pay the $262 or set the ticket for a hearing.

At this point, never just pay the $262. Set the ticket for a hearing. In Orange County you can go to the hearing and not contest it and usually the enforcement officer will reduce the fine back down to $158. However, it remains a ticket and will appear on your driving record.

If you want to contest it you should hire our Office since we have been contesting these infractions since 2010. We will do everything we can to make sure the best possible outcome occurs for you. Just because you hire a lawyer does not mean the ticket will be dismissed.

You can read more on this here.

The Actual Violation You Are Cited For

The actual law they cite you for violating is s. 316.075(1)(c)1., Fla. Stat. This states that a vehicle must first "stop" before a steady red signal. However (according to s. 316.0083, Fla. Stat.), a citation "may not" be issued, pursuant to the statute for failure to stop at a red light if the driver is making a right-hand turn in a careful and prudent manner. Forget this language. I have never seen anyone win their hearing on it. You must stop.

How to Avoid a Red Light Camera Ticket

When approaching any red light you must stop before the white stripe on the road or, if no stripe, before entering a crosswalk or the intersection. If right on red is permitted you may proceed after coming to a complete stop.

Drive the speed limit to allow for a safe stop should the light turn yellow before you enter the intersection.

Do not follow large trucks closely into an intersection. If you cannot see the light signal allow the truck to pull ahead until you can see it.

Red Light Cameras are not going away until they stop making money. The political tides have already tainted every aspect of this law to allow these things to continue to bring in money. We have fought these since 2010 and this is by far the dirtiest, slimiest, place I have ever been. It is absolutely disgusting and my only advice is to vote out anyone that supported this. Unfortunately they all take contributions from the camera companies.

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